Official Bio



Melike is an emerging artist based in Melbourne who is constantly exploring exciting ways to express and share her own unique journey.

Melike’s art is inspired by the notion that all of existence comes from the same origin. Melike is of the opinion that we are not separate from the universe, asserting the belief that we are an essential piece of the puzzle and one with the entire cosmos. She whole heartedly believes that just like the boundless colours we witness from the light of a single sun, we are all essentially one. She illustrates this concept of oneness through her choice of vibrant colours and the manner in which the foreground and background of her pieces merge into one another. While this may be the strongest theme in her work, Melike also loves to highlight the passion and intimacy between lovers. The playful intertwining of feminine and masculine energy is often a theme captured in her art.

Melike’s art encompasses an array of mixed media on paper such as watercolour paint, collage, alcohol ink, acrylic paint and ink markers.

Melike’s art is both emotive and thought-provoking, summoning a multitude of intensely favourable responses from her audience.